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any >> our next guest is rick the spotter harrison. he's the star of pawn stars the hit show on the history channel. welcome rick.
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he joins us from vegas. do people really have treasure troves or is is this one in a million things that happens only once in a while? >> no, i think there is treasure irv ry where. it is amazing some of the things people find. >> give us an example. show us what you brought for us. give me a little show and tell. >> this for instance. i don't know if you can see it on camera. >> push in on it if you can. >> what is it? >> that is faberge. russian imperial faberge. a couple was going through their mother's effects they opened up the sock drawer that was in it. >> hold it up again again and t what it is worth. tell us what it really is. >> they thought it was worth around $2,000 i gave them 15,000 for it. >> 15 grand? >> i am hoping to get 20-25,000 for it.
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specialized customer that buys something wliek this. >> i have a question for you in a more general sense. see how well i can get this open. >> don't break it? >> it is made out of vellum. it is really tough. >> in this situation i don't know if you can see the signatures. >> tells what it is. >> ships papers found in an attic. the neat thing about it, not only is it signed thomas jefferson, it is also signed james madison secretary of state at the time. >> get out of here. it's legit? >> it is 100 percent legit. i had it checkd out. you have to realize especially papers like is this. people don't throw this stuff away they stick it somewhere and someone passes away and it's forever before it is found again. these things are pretty common. like this right here. this is a $1 bill. it is -- the thing i like about
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it, it's the only bill in the united states with a woman on the front of it. martha washington. politicians changed that around because they wanted themselves on it. it's a $1 bill. how many times have you gone through your pockets and forgot you are going through your closet looking for a jacket there's a # dollar bill sticking in the jacket you haven't worn in four or five years. >> how did martha washington's picture turn out to be on the dollar bill. d she were you n print it that ? >> congress wanted to make the money prettier. they put a lot of great art on the bills politicians being parole tiggses let's get rid of that and put ourselves back on it again. >> what's martha worth? >> this right around $700. >> i would have guessed more. >> i saw the super bowl ring. i won't ask you how you got it but i will ask you what it is
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worth? >> around 60,000. this is a 2001 patriots. this one is special. it's the most expensive super bowl ring out there. the owner of the ma patriots th year said i am going to make the ring the way i want it to. he did. the super bowl ring is supposed to be 10 carat this is 14 carat. it has more diamonds it has everything. >> are people coming to you more in these hard tiles than they would ordinarily? >> yeah, they are. i hate to break the news to them old techniques, they go up in price and down in price and a lot of times they are shocked by my offer. because in the current economy they are worthless. >> thank you. greg, good luck with your a & e's program. continued success. history channel. history channel. continued success.
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>> thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> fox cable news explosive the dad who stormed his daughter's school bus joins us. it has been four-hours since the moratorium. he is from the president and hillary clinton tof@@
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>> what do we think about the bul bully busting dad to stormed the school bus? we report you decide with a fox exclusive. here's chris. >> geraldo the question remains how would you respond if your child was being bullied? james jones took matters into his own hands when his daughter
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shitari was abused on her school bus and what happened here? >> i took matters into miss own hands and i got into a little trouble with that. >> jones exploded on the students and the bus driver for not protecting his daughter. >> listen, i am telling you this anything happen to my daughter (bleep). (bleep). >> she is in a special situation. she has cerebral palsy. tell me how that affected you? >> it broke my heart to see my daughter crying, i just snapped. >> surveillance video released two weeks after the accident shows the chaos before and after the confrontation. frustrated driver unable to control the children. >> she was getting poked on hit with a pencil. thrown with erasers calling her names? >> calling her names. >> black trash. she is not black trash. she is my daughter. >> 12-year-old shatari jones was uncharacteristically late
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getting up forcing her them to drive her to school. she broke down. >> she told me. she was crying. my intention was before that just to talk to the bus driver after seeing the situation i took matters into my own hands. >> this is mine. i don't give a (bleep). this is my daughter. >> threatening suicide shatari was hospitalized. jones was arrested faces up to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine. >> a lot of people are offended by what's happened to your daughter being disabled, but you shouldn't have gone on that bus, you know that? >> oh, yeah, most definitely now that i look back on it i was wrong. i tried to do the right thing but i went the wrong way about doing it. that's the bottom line. >> craig, i might have done it myself. i might have. >> i agree with you. i would have reacted the same way. how could you let your little
5:25 am
girl be treated that way. >> especially she is disabled like that. >> did y they try different cha? >> they went to the student school counselor twice they called no returned calls the girl went to her teacher. all of the efforts to get resolution has been unheard. >> he urged the authorities not to charge this man. from minneapolis michael keller joins us from the center for bullying prevention. michael thank you for being with us. what does a parent do? what are you supposed to do? if you hear your kid is being bullied what do you advocate you do? >> there are so many things. first and foremost it is great that you get -- you are aware of the situation you have to stay close to your kid. one of the things you need to do is talk. talk to your kids. your kids need to talk to principals teachers elevate it at the district level if
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necessary. raise as much awareness as possible. >> awareness of the situation. what if you sense something is wrong but you don't know the kid is being bullied. is there one big red flag that sticks out above others? >> well, you know, every kid is different and every bullying situation is different. having a good open dialogue with your kid paying close attention to various signs around the home or in school, being in conversation with teachers or perhaps other parents who might see your kids around might give you some of those signs and going to a place pacers teens against or kids against and learning and reading as much as you can about bullying it helps. >> now is the absolute specific crime on the books that many states bullying is repulsive to me. i hate it. >> michael thank you. michael keller pacer center for bullying prevention. he's a member of the board. craig, thank you as well. coming up, ladies and gentlemen, have you seen this scary footage? roll it, roll it.
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>> showing hot dogging chopper pilots almost ditching their multi-million dollar aircraft into lake tahoe. is this v v v v v v v v v v v vú
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"geraldo at larlarge." >> this is a fox news alert. this footage shot by a tourist a couple weeks ago seemed incredible. two navy choppers narrowly diverting disaster after dropping into lake tahoe. watch again and list tone the tourist commentary. >> oh my gosh. >> i didn't think that was possible. >> could hot dogging navy pilots be risking their multi million dollar aircraft not to mention the lives of everyone on board
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for cheap thrills? the answer is yes. after saying it was authentic the investigation of the near disaster is underway. added both choppers suffered some damage no fuel leaked into lake tahoe. this is a fox news alert. >> despite late last minute pleas from security ri of state hillary clinton israel has allowed the 10 month settlement construction freeze in the west bank to expire. defying calls for president obama to extends the moratorium which they said is necessary to keep peace talks going. >> the 10 month settlement freeze ended at midnight local time about 4 and a half hours ago. by early sunday construction had already begun on the west bank as leland reports. >> halv hard to image the amoun effort prevented this concrete from coming in and what this
5:33 am
whole represents. this could be the beginning of the end of the middle east peace process. let me explain to you why. the lands that the palestinians want for their future state. the settlers say they intends to keep building to emphasize their point they had a massive show out here for the media. despite busing people in there were more reporters and photographers from news organizations all over the world covering it than there were settlers involved in putting the concrete down. up next another show they are going to release about 2,000 balloons into the sty. that represents the 2,000 homes they intend to build on the west bank. you can image the palestinians are not happy about that situation. >> since agree to go the peace talks about 6 weeks ago palestinians said if the freeze is not extended they are going to walk away from the table. that hasn't happened yelt. they called a meeting in egypt the next couple days to discuss
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this issue. as for the israelis ahowed barack thinks there is only a 50/50 chance of these talks continuing. >> thank you very much. in iraq the numbers of 49 american gi killed over there were embraced by the other hockey moms. american and hockey moms telling reporters the journey and meeting brought them peace. >> now to bloody afghan most americans see a sense of exhaustion. will it ever ends? if you only get room people seem consistently negative. look at this about the just concluded election from the boston globe. broad reports we are here from the new york times.
5:35 am
extensive fraud mars african elections. >> you would think the elections were a complete disaster. >> in a reality west, had you they went down in his area of responsibility. >> joj f campbell the lieuers of geraldo started the 101 lt airborne decision. soon i will be seeing you over there. how did the elections go in>> the elections were afghan led and run. our primary role was to support assist and partner national security forces th as they provd security for this. we had 2,000 polling places and less than 3 percent had any issues with violence. they had -- 90 percent of them were infect i have. the insurgents caused 20
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casualties. you have men an women. threatened the day of the election told them they would die or families would die there were some pieces of brought and corruption but for the most part he caught those ahead of time turned them into the independent election committee and they are dealing with some of them today. ed i think the news out there in afghanistan is different than what you are getting in the states. >> do you foal -- feel a sense of frustration? >> i am more worried about what happens here and how the afghan people continue to move forward how the afghan security forces continue to move forward. there is progress every single die in afghanistan. i know our parents and american people back home to know that as well. bob bod ward's book there's
5:37 am
all kinds of discourt and there was in the obama it would be his ta's? is any of that leaking down to yours what's going on in the field? >> some have read some of the articles from the stars and stripes they get feedback. for the most part they are i don't remembered about idea about what's happening. they are worried about getting out every day on patrol and helping the afghan people. they are not worried about washington politics. general petraeus is on board. we have the right leadership and right strategy and the right resorings with the surge coming in. we have the most resources we have ever had in afghanistan. we have to give that a chance to
5:38 am
work. shoal they worry about taking care of each other. >> we know you were the best generation so far. the bowne side interesting deployed your -- you know up and close personal every one of our dole joers for our country. >> you have north of 60 killed in action since may, as far as i know. had you are you holding up, how did the division holding up. you want to say they gave the ult at south. >> i attended a memorial ceremony for 50 of the aviators last week. i have cards on my block i have
5:39 am
pictures and a little bit about each of our soldiers we could never forget their sacrifice or never forget their families as well and the sacrifice they have paid. it is very, very tough. this is just the ones that are killed. we have so many that have been wounded we have to make sure we continue to take care of them. i would ask the folks back home to remember their families as well. >> the final and cruelest question, general. is it port it? i think the same thing. it is noble they understand it was bigger than sem selves. we are living in the most dangerous time in our life. people that want to stop our way of life. we could take a flight to the enemy away from the united states. i think the proof in the pudding is we haven't are a check.
5:40 am
>> we thank you admire you for what you do for our country. aeroso aerosol. >> look forward to getting here. >> roasting the pig of bell california.
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[♪...] >> announcer: every child deserves the hope and healing of a children's miracle network hospital... [♪...] 170 hospitals helping 17 million kids each year. children's miracle network hospitals-- hospitals helping local kids. for information on how to help, visit >> i sinned against you. i have brought disgrace and humiliation and embarrassment
5:44 am
upon you. i beg your forgiveness. >> by most accounts mr. swaggert had plenty to apologize for. >> to me he is kind of perverted. talking about some of the things we talked about in the room i always said i wouldn't want him around my children. >> did he ever talk about god and religion? >> no. >> not once? >> no. >> this is deborah murphy although several other hookers surfaced she allegedly is the prostitute photographed accompanying swag ert to motel rooms. >> from jimmy is swaggert to the late jim plea baker we have shaken our heads at preachers pontificate tors as hypocrites.
5:45 am
this concerns the anti gay crusader bishop eddie long. >> sexual things started to happen at the ages of 17 and 18 years old the age of consent in georgia is 16 years old. this is not child molestation under georgia law but is absolutely pastoral church abuse. >> as a member of the church and as a person who accepted bishop eddie long is my spiritual leader i stay and say as a friend and extended family member i am loyal. >> if the complaints filed four young men are to be believed that loyalty may be misplaced. elizabeth prom reports on the growing scandal threatening the bar flung empire of the mega church pastor who railed against
5:46 am
homosexuality. here is elizabeth. >> 6 days after he was slapped with four level lawsuits bishop eddie long spoke carefully to his congregation and the nation today. although he never claimed his innocence or acknowledged the four accusers long says he didn't being accurately portrayed in the media. >> ive never portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not a man that is being portrayed on the television. >> long vowed i would fight to the end continued to ask for support wriel he and his family go through what is a painful and difficult time. when members left church today there were mixed emotions. >> we wanted him maybe to say he did not do the things that has
5:47 am
been leveled against him. that was not said. >> bishop as proven himself over the years to be a man of integrity and character. i have to stand behind the character that i know. >> think allege long showered the boys with expensive gifts trips and jewelry. they shared beds together and exchanged sexual acts. for the past two decades long has been vocal about homosexuality and gay marriage. >> thank you very much. >> kimberly and joey this is bs. this guy first and foremost aside from maybe being a criminal we will discuss that is a gross hypocrite. you can't campaign against gays and gay sex and engage in gays and gay sex. it is hypocrisy and i bet the money he used to buy those boy's jewelry and those trips came from those per rigs ners. >> do the investigation that's what you will find. this man is a total hypocrite. i think his behavior is
5:48 am
criminal. whether or not he will be charged with anything criminally speaking that doesn't look too likely because of the age of consent. whether or not these were consensual sexual acts that were performed in whatever and engaged in between the two of them you have that situation but they are filing civil lawsuits saying they want compensation the been wronged they were seduced and lured in by a man they trusted. >> i will charge your client with misappropriation of church property. >> first of all if, if, and it's a big if -- >> we can't condone the behavior. therefore i know that he us live from now. >> he robbed from his church. geraldo we don't know. he makes an income so in may
5:49 am
have been his income to shower difficults and everything else. we don't know. we have to exercise caution. we can't convict him not that he has been charged criminally. >> what about the subordinate relationship unevenness isn't that the basis of the law? >> it is troubling. you have someone in pet condition. if he used it in an abusive ways to this point. >> are you sure they are supporting him? >> i am disgusted by it. how is it important to give a man car, jewelry then somebody is carrying him? >> he has been doing the boys for 20-years, too. >> you may not be a criminal.
5:50 am
>> i wouldn't want to mess with her. given time -- >> if through bishop long is a dead beat. michael douglas' xashthñ÷ q4n
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>> they are accused of misappropriating $5.5 million. they used tax collectors of hard-working citizens of bell in their own piggy bank. >> they are digging too deep into the cookie jar. >> he has no feeling. he knew what he was doing. he should be locked up for life. >> the citizens of bell collar california cheering for those charged with robbing their cash
5:54 am
strapped city of more than 5 and a half million dollars. how did it come to this? what is flat broke california doing to make sure is it doesn't happen again. the lieutenant governor of the golden state the governor joins us from santa barbara. great to see you. welcome. how is it with the terminator out of town? you the boss? >> what happened geraldo was the governor wash in asia. i signed two pieces of legislation. they returned $3 million that was illegally taken from the city council and rizzo. they were making $30-40,000 a year. i signed another piece of legislation sb 1211. i knew they were going to go to jail they weren't going to get -- they violated public trust, stole and embezzled and
5:55 am
they are where they are supposed to be geraldo. >> i didn't know you could get unemployment insurance in jail. i have to do an investigation into that. >> is it any wonder the tea parties are rising when you have this kinds of arrogant abuse of trust? >> here you have a mayor and a city council who raised her right arm to not only uphold the constitution and defends their city charter to defend the people geraldo these were voiceless and vulnerable people across from bell is a woman having a garage sale trying to make a living. from his office he could see making $1.5 million. the mayor everybody laughing to the bank no longer. they are not above the law. ab 900 says the money goes back to the people. steve cooley the da says you go to jail. now we are in the process of keeping them in jail. these people went way above, geraldo. >> they went above and beyond the normal corruption, is that
5:56 am
what you are saying? are you going to get that money back realistically speaking? >> absolutely. we are going to get the money back number one and number two we are going to go to other cities. we are starting to look around the city of bell and other cities in the neighborhood and any city across america. if you have the same situation we are coming after you. people said enough is enough. the tea party movement of course is disappointed. they are ju disenfranchised fro their government. when somebody steal from the government there will be tea party movements. this is ridiculous. i am sad i had to sign a bill to return illegal property packses. it is unbelievable. >> who do you like mean witman and brown? >> come on geraldo. there is no secret there. i am supporting meg whitman she has a great plan on education and jobs. i think she is going to be great. >> what are you going to do next? >> right now i am running
5:57 am
against the mayor of san francisco. hope they can share something with you. >> i can tell you geraldo they have a lot of people who make a lot of money up @
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. monday, september 27, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. democrats trying to explain why americans don't know what they'll be taxed incomes year. >> what it gets down to, we can counted. we know we don't have 60 votes for our tax position. >> that was pretty forthright. aren't they the majority? now called for nancy pelosi to step down from her own party. >> oy! meanwhile, could the latest nuclear threat come from another planet? retired air force officers confi confirming today what you see only isc

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